We we lucky to host surfing coach @llewllynshittaker along with his team of  Pro Surfers Leon Glatzer  @leonglatzersurf  http://www.worldsurfleague.com/athletes/4271/leon-glatzer , @ethanfletcher and @dylangroen  into the 3P household this past week.

Llewellyn and I met many years ago whilst we were competing on the WQS. We’ve loved reminiscing about old times, sharing with the next gen of surfers how tough we had it, no mobiles, GPS or internet to navigate around the world. It was awesome to catch up on our competitive surfing years.

Great to see how serious theses guys take their surfing profession, always learning tactics and techniques from their highly dedicated and motivated coach. We are certainly  looking forward to watching you guys rip it up around the globe and prepare for Japans upcoming Olympics.

Thanks for sharing your infectious stoke of surf with us this week and for looking after the kids so well!! Your families would be proud of the men you are becoming. See you next time around guys!