Surfers Testimonials

Terry “Tezza” McKenna Surf Commentator

I have known Paul since he was a young grommet with loads of potential and was lucky enough to do a few coaching sessions with him on his way through the ranks. It was pretty clear from the outset that Paul was different to the average grom. His steely determination and dedication soon had him representing Australia on the WQS circuit and he rattled the cages of some of the more experienced pros.

Paul realized that with hard work comes results, so he trained hard and reaped the rewards by travelling the globe as a serious contender. During this time, Paul worked closely with some of the worlds best shapers and soon developed his interest in board design and a sharp eye for detail. Not long after, Paul got into the shaping bay and found that he had a natural talent for making surfboards. Just like everything else he tackled, his drive for perfection soon had him making boards for some of the best riders in Australia.

I watched Paul destroy the opposition at the Australian Masters titles in 2013 on a 3P Quad, and just had to have one. Working with Paul was a breeze, this is a guy that knows his stuff and his hi-tech approach to board building had me up and riding in no time. My 3P Quad now travels the country with me in my job as a surf commentator and getting a board off Paul has renewed my passion for the sport as I surf into my 50’s.

Joel, Bondi

I have nothing but praise for Paul and the crew at 3P Surfboards. I’ve been riding these boards for 7 years after switching over following recommendation from a friend.

Their service is exceptional and the quality of boards is next level! The best part is once you find the perfect dimensions and overall board that works for you, they can reproduce this exact piece of gold endlessly with their epic machine shaping technologies.

I’m currently on a trip in Mexico, in which I ordered two new 3P boards shortly before I left. Not only did Paul pump these out in time for me to jet off, but the boards are going amazing! The White Noise is my personal favourite, which Paul adjusted to suit my surfing style. I’ve moved to Sydney a couple of years ago however still choose to travel back home to Newcastle to order boards as I can’t go past 3P. If someone asked me what shaper is a keeper.. I’d send them Paul’s way for sure!

Johben Wylie, Western Australia

I first Met and Surfed with Paul in Indo about six years ago and was riding Line-Up boards at the time.

Paul gave me a go at one of his early 3P’s and instantly I ordered 3. Ever since then I won’t ride anything else and even though since then the design has changed it has only got better. I’m from Western Australia and constantly get asked where I get my boards and who shapes them and I have no problem recommending them to everyone. Once you ride a 3P design you won’t want to ride anything else trust me I know. Paul knows what you want before you even do.

 They say Prior preparation and planning prevents piss poor performance. Well Paul with Paul doing the Prior preparation and planning of your new board there is definitely no piss poor performance when it comes to 3P.

Get on Board!

Nick, Merwewether

I’d previously heard of Paul’s surfing career but first met the man when I was younger, through Ryan Callinan. Ryan had recently begun riding Paul’s boards and was beginning to separate himself from the norm of surfing at the time, and become the incredible athlete he is today. It was clear that Paul was doing something right in his shaping, so I approached him to purchase my first board.

The first board I purchased was completely different to all boards I’d ridden previously. It was light and agile but also durable and could handle fat sections as well as turn tight in the pocket. The real value I think Paul adds is that he takes the time to watch myself and others out in the surf and will comment on tweaks to the boards he thinks would improve my surfing. This has been proved invaluable to me over the past 10 years of which I’ve been riding 3P surfboards.

Thanks for the last 10 years.

Craig ‘Rosie’ Rosevear

Pursuit of Performance Perfection! This is what 3P means to Me.

Paul is a great surfer with meticulous technique and  you can be sure he transfers his great attention to detail to the shaping room.

I always see Paul out surfing and it is really useful to have him being able to watch me surf and then shape me a board that best suits my style.

When I first started surfing I noticed all the good local guys rode 3P Boards, now I have one myself I know why.

Rock On!

Scott Wildon, Gold Coast

I’ve known Paul Parkes for over 15 years & surfed professionally with him for 8 of those. I’ve ridden Paul’s boards 3P now for over 3 years & can’t say enough about how happy I am with the performance & quality of the product that he provides.

He is not only a perfectionist on land with his boards but also in the water. He is constantly testing new designs in the water (prob not as much as he’d like!! Ha).

The O/35 Australian title that Paul claimed recently is a testament to all his hard work & dedication he’s been putting in!!

I live up on the Gold Coast & consider it an honour to fly the flag up here for 3P.

Yours in surfing.

Simon Hasson

I have been surfing competitively for 25 years. I was someone who didn’t get a lot of boards, instead getting a favourite and riding it until it died. My best was an orange board with a spider web design (non 3P board). I won the Kuta Egan and 3rd in the Newcastle yearly surfing series.One afternoon at Dixon park came a fateful day where a surfer ran over it. I gave it to my brother to get repaired, through his generosity he got me a brand new on, only problem was it was nowhere near as good as the orange stick. I was a soul who lost his soul mate. Each board I tried seemed to get worse, I was feeling a little depressed and when I complained to my wife she said maybe it is your surfing and not the tools as a good tradesman blames his tools.

I have known Paul and surfed against him in many contests, I thought of getting a board from him but just never picked up the phone. I even went to ebay and got outbid a couple of times. I had the Jesus Pro Am in Dbah and I snapped a board 3 days out and needed a board. I rang a good friend Dale and he lent me his 3P board. My first heat was against Mitch Crews and Nicholas Squiers. I would like to say I won but I didn’t,  but what I did find was a brilliant board. I went to Paul Parkes and said I want a board like Dales. I had done this with other shapers only to get a board that was similar, not the same. As Paul uses a machine it is identical.

It gets better, now when I order a board I make minor adjustments to improve speed or a bit more bouyancy for my age and extra weight. I have had 4 boards and each new one is better, I have gone back to the old ones every now and then but the new ones are definitely the best. I haven’t had a bad board yet and when you are making this sort of investment you don’t want it to be a lottery on quality and performance. I feel like it is a match made in heaven, my only regret is, I should have got a 3P 15 years ago.

I am currently riding a quad, 5’7 swallow tail. Next I think I might go rounded tail just so I might surf a little more like Kelly Slater. Now that I have a favourite board, it doesn’t matter if I snap it, the machine can punch out one exactly the same.

3P give you a time when it is going to be ready and it is done before that time.  Nothing is a problem.

He will make you what ever design you want but will tell you if it is a dumb idea. 3P is going places.

Finding a great board is like finding your soul mate.