The Board Room

View over 50 Surfboards

The boardroom is our frontline, where you can view over 50 new surfboards of varying shapes and sizes to either make a purchase or aid in the design of your custom order.

If you’re thinking of getting a new board designed, we offer a service where you can choose from several demonstration boards to test ride. Just leave us a deposit and take the board for a surf to see what you think. Designer and shaper Paul Parkes is on hand to advise what can be done to make the board more suited to your surfing level and ability.

We also have a large selection of surfboard accesories available, including wax, grips, legropes, surfboard covers and more. We stock FK, Creatures of Leisure, Future Fins, FCS Fins, OAM.

From the board room you can even watch the APS 3000 in action as it shapes its precision surfcraft.

Surfboards designer and shaper Paul Parkes.

Paul Parkes