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Surf Commentator Tezza McKennas take on 3P..

Like a fine red wine some things just get better with age and Parksey (as he is known to his mates) is a great example of this principle. As a junior competitor Paul showed good potential but never had the results that he wanted. But in typical 3P fashion, he knuckled down and trained longer and harder then most of his adversaries and came out of the blocks in the open division as a completely remodeled individual. He powered through the amateur scene at breakneck speed and jumped straight onto the WQS where he immediately rattled cages.

Attention to detail & focus on excellence has long been a trademark of his surfing and more recently this principle transferred to his shaping. Paul is a perfectionist and his boards now ride under the feet of many of Australia’s best surfers including Ryan Callinan, Jesse Adam and blah bla blah.

In 2013 Paul won the Australian over 35 Men’s title riding one of his 4-Fin contraptions that left the opposition in his wake, drawing speedy powerful lines in the small clean conditions. A down to earth bloke that has managed to blend intense enthusiasm and passion with methodical trademanship and establish the 3P label as one of the big movers in the high performance surfboard market. 3P should stand for Performance, Precision and Pricepoint.

Let Paul Parkes Productions take your surfing to the next level.

3Ps been busy creating a new showroom for you!

The 3P team has been busy preparing our new showroom! 

2013/2014 Latest Models

2014 Latest Models


Its now finished and well stocked with boards perfect for all surfers. If you dont like waiting for a custom board to be made, this is your solution, so get in early before they rush out.

Our fully stocked showroom gives you plenty of fin options with the latest Futures and FCS fins, along with Creatures of Leisure, FK and FCS Grips and legropes. With plenty of sticky bumps , FK  and sex wax you can be in the water the same day you buy your board!


                                2013 AUSTRALIAN SURF MASTERS OVER 35 WINNER!!!

“Congratulations! Your the first surfer selected for the Australian team for next years World Masters Titles” Those were the first words that I heard last week after the hooter had sounded to end the Australian Masters Titles o/35’s final.

I hadn’t really thought much about it till then but that sounded really cool, I am going to represent my country in the sport I love and all because I make surfboards.

How might that come to be the reason you might ask?..Well, being a surfboard manufacturer I’m always searching for that perfect surfboard, not just for myself but for my customers as well, and the best way I can think of to do this is being involved in the performance end of our sport where I can watch surfers of all different levels try to surf their absolute best.

By analyzing the different techniques that surfers use to perform, I have been able to design several different models of surfboards to greatest enable myself and my customers to get the most out of their surfing.

So there you have it, I get to travel overseas and represent Australia, at the same time constantly refine and create new designs to improve our surfing experience.

Thanks for reading, see you in the water!!

Check out interviews and results of the comp below…

2013 Austrlian Surfmasters o35 Champ

2013 Australian Surfmasters o35 Champ

What Youth: Ryan Callinan on the home page..Interesting article to read..

  • Click below to read full article

Ryan Callinan: What Youth

Ryan and Philippa in the Headlines…see all the news and pics from last weeks Breaka Pro in Burleigh

ryan walking photo with 3P

3P team riders Ryan & Philippa

3P team riders Ryan & Philippa


Fanning Rap lifts Ryan!!

Breaka Pro – Never ending Swell.Surfing Life

Video – Callinan rides into top 16 of Breaka Pro


Merewether Surfer Makes Waves!

3P team showing off at The Breaka Pro Burleigh Heads QLD

Jesse ripping today at Breaka Pro

3P rider Jesse Adam ripping today at Breaka Pro

Check out 3P team rider Jesse Adam, Philippa Anderson and Ryan Callinan all on show at Burleigh Heads, Mens 4 star and Women’s 6 star WQS event. Watch the event live at

Want to see what an inverted, full rotation, backside double-grab reverse looks like….?? Tell us what you think?

Punt of the month: Callinan pulls an inverted, full-rotation, backside double-grab reverse

3P Proudly supported Surfing for Autism Day at Nobbys beach

What a successful day it was to see so many children having the time of their lives at the Surfers for Autism Day in Newcastle. Newcastle Surf School were there to lend a hand in helping these beautiful children to surf. The smiles were some of the greatest sights of the day!

Congratulations: Philippa Anderson wins ISA China Cup

Check out the latest material on Philippas win..

Philippa Anderson wins China Cup

Philippa Anderson wins China Cup

China Cup Open Womens Winner

China Cup Open Womens Winner

Ryan Callinan: Rocky Point Stale Swing, Hawaii

Stab Mags latest spread on Ryan

Stab Mags latest spread on Ryan

Check out Ryans latest STAB mag