G’day Paul,

Been meaning to wright for absolutely ages to give you a bit of feedback on the board you shaped for me back in August or whenever it was.

Anyway, you talked me into shortening my normal 6’2″ shape down to a 6’0″ and well, yeah, it’s awesome. Loving how easy it is to transition rail to rail and have been pleasantly surprised by how much drive you can get out of it when you come off the bottom. Haven’t really noticed any difference with paddling with the decrease in length, so basically, it’s all good. Definitely the best board I’ve ever had, so just wanted to say thanks and sorry for the delay in feedback. Been talking it up to anyone who will listen and a few people have asked me about my board here and there, so it must be making me look better than I am or something.

Anyway, thanks again, hope all is well!

Cheers, Jon