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Born from the beaches of Merewether Surf Culture in Australia back in 2001, 3P™ Surfboards is the creation of former professional surfer Paul Parkes.

From these humble beginnings, after many years of travelling the globe with the worlds best surfers and shapers, taking in every bit of information offered, we have now grown to where we have a new state of the art two storey factory capable of producing over 100 surfboards per week.

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2nd Hand

If you’re in the market for a second hand board we always have a good selection of affordably priced surfboards available for purchase.

The Board Room

The boardroom is our frontline, where you can view over 50 new surfboards of varying shapes and sizes to either make a purchase or aid in the design of your custom order.

If you’re thinking of getting a new board designed, we offer a service where you can choose from several demonstration boards to test ride.

3P Surfboards

Born from the beaches of Merewether Surf Culture in Australia back in 2001

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Surf Commentator Tezza McKennas take on 3P..

Like a fine red wine some things just get better with age and Parksey (as he is known to his mates) is a great example of this principle. As a junior competitor Paul showed good potential but never had the results that he wanted. But in typical 3P fashion, he knuckled...

2014 Shaw Gidley Surfest Charity Breakfast

Was great to meet one of Australian board making pioneers Bob McTavish, thanks for your talk on Australias surf history and surfboard building and design. Another one of Daniel Joyces amazing board art of Bob McTavish, which HBB auctioned for $1600. Massive thanks to...