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“Congratulations! You’re the first surfer selected for the Australian team for next years World Masters Titles”  Those were the first words that I heard last week after the hooter had sounded to end the Australian Masters Titles o/35’s final.

I hadn’t really thought much about it till then but that sounded really cool, I am going to represent my country in the sport I love and all because I make surfboards.

How might that come to be the reason you might ask?..Well, being a surfboard manufacturer I’m always searching for that perfect surfboard, not just for myself but for my customers as well, and the best way I can think of to do this is being involved in the performance end of our sport where I can watch surfers of all different levels try to surf their absolute best.

By analyzing the different techniques that surfers use to perform, I have been able to design several different models of surfboards to greatest enable myself and my customers to get the most out of their surfing.

So there you have it, I get to travel overseas and represent Australia, at the same time constantly refine and create new designs to improve our surfing experience.

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3P Board designer is NSW 2013 Over 35s Winner!!


When 3P Shaper Paul Parkes is not shaping hes surfing…Winning the NSW State Master titles at Boomberang Beach last weekend.

Congratulations also to 3P Team rider Glen Valaire for taking out 2nd Place in both over 40s and 45s

Both Paul and Glen gaining a spot to compete in the Aussie Titles this August.

Check it out..

Paul Parkes Over 35  State titles Champ!

Paul Parkes Over 35
State titles Champ!

Paul Parkes Over 35 State titles Champ!

Paul Parkes Over 35
State titles Champ!

Fanning Rap lifts Ryan Callinan

Fanning Rap lifts Ryan!!


Breaka Burleigh Pro

The Newcastle Herald: Ryan Callinan

Video – Callinan rides into top 16 of Breaka Pro

Merewether surfer and 3P team rider Philippa Anderson Making waves

Click the link to check out Philippa Anderson in The Newcastle Herald

3P team riders Ryan & Philippa

BAD BAD NOT GOOD: Short Film on Ryan Callinan

BAD BAD NOT GOOD: Short Film on Ryans latest experience with injuries and getting back in the water.

Death from Above Magazine: 3P Cover shot with Ryan Callinan

Surfing Ryan Callinan

Surfing World magazine: 3P on the cover with Ryan Callinan

Ryan Surfing world cover

Free Surf Magazine: 3P on the Cover with Ryan Callinan

Ryan Mag cover